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Military jobs are too diverse to be generalized. Life in the military is not as depicted on TV or in the movies. The military is collectively the Department of Defense comprising the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy. The President is the Commander in Chief, and the one who is actually in charge.

Military jobs include- Administrative, Combat Specialty, Construction, Electronics/Electrical Equipment Repair, Engineering, Science, and Technical Executive/Administrative/Managerial Health Care, Human Resource Development, Machine Operator/Production, Media and Public Affairs, Protective Services, Support Services, Transportation/Material Handling, Transportation Management, Vehicle and Machinery Mechanic. Every year around 365,000 people are hired by the Armed Forces in more than 4100 different job sectors.

There are different military benefits and programs for different educational goals. The military pay scale entitles military personnel to ‘GI Bill’ and tuition assistance that can be availed in military schools. There are state-level benefits, special military discounts, service member Opportunity Colleges (SOC), ROTC programs etc. that allow one to also get the benefits of college scholarships.

The military helps to send thousand of people to college year after year. The military schools that are determined to produce the finest and best-trained candidates do so as a commitment. The military jobs fetch the most handsome pays, benefits and compensation. Military pay scale is competitive with the starting salaries that many corporate sectors offer.

Service in the military is extremely rewarding with the opportunities given by way of education benefits like school tuition allowance, college scholarships etc. Military jobs pave way for successful, interesting and fulfilling lives.

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